Precise Solutions to your Environmental Concerns

Our Staff

Our Staff

Environmental Engineers
Certified Industrial Hygienists
Certified Microbial Consultants
Industrial Hygienists
Radon Specialist
NYC Investigators
AHERA / NYS Inspectors
AHERA / NYS Management Planners
NYS Project Monitors
NYS Project Designers
EPA Lead Inspector/Risk Assessors
North Carolina Asbestos Project Designers
North Carolina Asbestos Management Planners
North Carolina Asbestos Inspectors
North Carolina Air Monitors
South Carolina Building Inspectors
South Carolina Air Monitors
North Carolina Lead Inspector/Risk Assessors
RMD LPA-1 Radiation Training
Confined Space Entry Trained
NIOSH 582 PCM Certified
McCrone Trained PLM Certified

Precision maintains a staff of engineers, geologists, industrial hygienists, scientists, public health and safety professionals and technicians specializing in providing environmental, industrial hygiene, indoor air quality, microbial (mold), asbestos and lead assessments, litigation support, audits and investigations services to both private and public sector clients. In addition, Precision maintains a network of professionals and organizations that enable us to provide multi-disciplined environmental services nationwide.

Our approach to consulting is results oriented with a focus on identifying, isolating, and resolving problems with accuracy and in a manner that satisfies regulatory authorities and addresses our clients’ concerns. With sensitivity to the needs and wishes of our clients, Precision’s approach is to find appropriate, well-defined and cost effective solutions without compromising the environment, the health and safety of our clients and the general public.

Precision’s consulting and engineering staff is experienced and current with the latest developments in environmental science. With an evolving regulatory environment, it is critical that today’s successful consultant be attuned to the attitudes and direction of Local, State and Federal regulatory agencies. By maintaining a solid working relationship with the regulatory community, Precision has been able to negotiate for its clients, fair and reasonable regulatory rulings on a case-by-case basis. Together with a common sense business approach, a talented staff, innovative thinking, and experience, Precision’s consulting and engineering group are well prepared to provide precise solutions to your environmental concerns.

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