Precise Solutions to your Environmental Concerns

Industrial Hygiene Services

Precision is committed to providing comprehensive environmental services. Our advantage is that by specializing in environmental services we have both the technical knowledge and the environmental resources to effectively assist you with your environmental project. Our staff of hygienists, scientists and engineers is specially trained to identify and solve the most complex health and safety problems. The comprehensive industrial hygiene services we offer include:

Indoor Air Quality Investigations

Respirator Program Development

Precision can evaluate your facility to customize a respirator protection program that would be a best fit. The program will be in accordance with OSHA General Industry Standard (29 CFR 1910.134) and your facilities’ unique needs. Precision can be responsible for the oversight of the program ensuring all components are in compliance including:

Respirator Selection

Precision reviews MSDS file, work site and recommend air sampling, where necessary, to identify exposure levels. Precision provides air sampling during work activities to determine the personal protection needs. If air sampling has not been done for many years, it may be prudent to verify that conditions have not changed.

Respirator Training

All employees using respirators will be trained by Precision staff in the proper donning, use, cleaning and maintenance of the respirator they are assigned. When negative pressure air purifying respirators are used, they will be instructed how and when to change the filters and/or cartridges.

Respirator Fit Testing

Precision will conduct Qualitative Fit Tests on all employees required to wear a respirator. Qualitative Fit Testing (QLFT) is typically conducted utilizing a fit test hood and a testing agent that is introduced while subject is wearing a respirator. This method can expedite field testing and is ideal for disposable masks.

A Quantitative Fit Test is typically conducted utilizing a portacount machine to compute the fit testing. The portacount measures particle concentration inside and outside the respirator and calculates a fit factor, the ratio of the two factors. This method is ideal for full faced mask that utilizes filtered cartridges.

Fungal & Bacterial Contamination
Mold may develop after any water intrusion under carpeting, within ceiling tiles and other obscured area. Precision provides:

  • In-depth inspections
  • Identify and sample areas of possible mold contamination
  • Air and surface samples for identification
  • Airborne concentration
  • Quantification
  • Speciation

Precision’s inspection team utilizes specialized, state of the art equipment to view and access areas such as elevator shafts, ductwork, airshafts and voids behind walls, ceilings or raised floors to locate hidden contamination.

Compliance Audits
Precision provides comprehensive compliance support, including:

  • Evaluations of clients’ facilities (OSHA-equivalent)
  • Review of written programs and documents
  • Identification of potential deficiencies
  • Recommendations

Health and Safety Programs
In addition to OSHA-equivalent audits, Precision provides:

  • Health and safety program assessments
  • Job hazard analyses
  • Personal protective equipment assessments
  • Safety program review, design and implementation
  • Behavior-based safety program assistance
  • Risk management

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